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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 27, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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continues. our coverage continues. i'm julie bandera. "judge janine" starts right now. hello and welcome to justice. i'm judge janine firo. thanks for being with us tonight. you are looking live at the festival of families in philadelphia where pope francis will speak in just a few moments. we'll continue to bring you these live pictures as we talk about the pope's historic visit. i'm joined by father robert sirico, president of the aspen institute, and president and ceo of the catholic league for religious and civil rights, bill donohue. all right, gentleman, father, and bill, thank you so much for being with us. we're watching this festival of families, which i understand
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happens every three years. and we are in the midst of listening to these testimonials from five families, five so far, i believe there'll be one more, from around the world, who are talking about what, father? >> well, the difficulty of their lives, the strug of chastity in the case of the australian couple and looking forward to marriage and the fears of what that's going to mean, the challenges to marriage. you had the daughter of st. gianna, who died in childbirth, and she gave the pope a relic of her mother, who was a cannonized saint. >> was she the child that the mother -- >> i don't think she was the child. i think she was one of the older children of the younger girl or boy, i don't remember -- >> who was born in childbirth. and she died in child -- >> she died because she would not have an abortion. >> it's an unusual to have a saint who was a married woman. >> yes, and a medical doctor.
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>> let's listen in now to mark whalberg. [ applause ] >> they're here to talk from their experience about the need for families and extended families to trust in god's providence in the face of any challenge. please welcome. [ applause ] >> now we have the sixth couple, family, not speaking in english right now, so -- >> he's presenting his wife. >> you should translate for you? >> it would be better if it was in italian, that i could do. >> what's interesting is, they all come from different parts of the world, and this is an international festival of families.
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and as i understand, it's been in rome, it's been in milan, this is the first time in the united states. >> and this is a little shift that the viewers will have to make. we've been concentrating on america. he visited the shrines of america, and now he's in an international setting, though in the city of the american birth. >> right, right. and apparently, in rome in '94, rio, '97, rome, 2000. manilla, 2003. valencia, '06. mexico city, 2009. and milan, 2012. and of course now in philadelphia. you know what amazes me? i look at this pope, he has not stopped. he flew from rome to cuba to washington, to new york, to philly, and he has been going 18 hours a day. >> he's the original energizer bunny. his stamina is incredible. >> his stamina is incredible. and it seems that he gets the energy from the public, from the children, from the people that he meets. and america is energized by him.
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>> exactly. >> he's a real populist. and i don't mean that in a trivial sense. a lot of people say, well, a man of the people, and people running for president says, oh, i can feel your pain. this is the man who really does get his touch from the people. he's tactile, he's palpable. this is a man who resonates well with the least among us. and it's not just to throw away commentary, which we often hear from politicians. this man is sincere. >> clearly he comes across as sincere. you know what's amazing is, when this first started, people had some hesitancy, was he going to come and be political, and yet, he is here, and he has captivated all of us. his mannerisms, his warmth, his true love, his true belief in humanity. and the importance of our respecting each other. he is a force unlike any that i've seen in a long time. >> and especially vulnerable humanity. you notice that it's the old people, it's the people who are in wheelchairs, it's the children, the babies, especially handicapped babies. it's not the politicians, so
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much. he's very respectful and polite to them. not even his brother bishops and priests. he's nice to them and encourages them, but when it comes to a child in a wheelchair or on a rer respirator, he's there. as difficult as it is, we saw how he tripped getting into the plane. his sciatica, his knee, it's difficult. but that's what energizes him. >> and you know what's interesting, his security detail every time he breaks away wifro that. and i have some experience with that. they've got to be flipping out, but they've got to be used to it. the fact that he's sitting there tonight at 9:00 after everything he's done today is amazing. >> i love it when he breaks away. he gets a lot of people nervous, but that's the real him. this is a man of authenticity. that's what i he resonates with the people. we all know when we're listening to a contrived politician,
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republican or democrat. he may be a little political on some things, on the left, a little bit on the right, but the fact of the matter is, it's sincere and from his heart. and that's why when he was at the congress, everyone listened attentively and with great respect. i love at the canonization mass, you've never seen such diversity. this church represents every walk of life. men, women, races, ethnicities, they came from all over. how do our secular elites begin to understand him and the church? >> and what he has done, i think he's energized catholics who may be in years gone by as a result of the abuse scandal, you know, kind of pulled away from the church. i believe this visit will do more for the catholic church than -- >> and i think he's turned the page on that. i think we have a lot of other things to talk about now. and if he accomplishes nothing other than that for the catholic church in this country, that he's accomplished a great deal. >> do you think that he had a mission here to make it clear that he is accepting of everyone
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who, for the longest time, thought that, you know, we were going to marginalize this group, marginalize that group? not anymore. >> no, i think what he is doing is precisely what jesus did with the woman who was caught in the act of adultery. you remember in that gas pell passage, there was evidently something about his compassionate nature that made him think that he could say, oh, his adultery was okay and he protects her from them. and finally in the end, he says, i don't condemn you. go in sin no more. and that makes the whole story. >> all right. you can see the pope coming down now to greet that couple who has just offered their testimonial. the sixth couple, i believe, this evening. and it seems he's giving all of them a gift. do we have any idea what that is? >> i got a rosary.
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>> oh, that's right. what was it like? >> i went up with the vice president of the catholic league to meet him, of course, the pope was sitting down. he whispered something in spanish, the pope is listening to him, and then this unbelievable beaming, radiant smile on the part of the pope. he puts down his hands, i didn't even get a chance to say hello to the cardinal. i went right for the pope and said, how you doing? and the guy is just -- it's infectious, is the only thing i can tell you. and one of these days i'll get the pictures. i'll see how that turns out. they gave me a rosary. >> do you have it with you? >> i have at home, yes? >> it is wood? what is it? crystal? >> though, it's just like regular beads. nothing ostentatious. pretty much what you would expect from him. >> it has his seal on it. >> insignia. >> yeah. >> my cat may be guarding it. >> it appears that he is now about to approach the podium himself. let's listen to pope francis.
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[ applause ] >> translator: dear brothers and sisters, dear familyies, thank you. thank you to those who are willing to give their testimony. thank you to those who gladdened us with your heart, with the
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beauty, which is the path to reach god. beauty leads us to god. your testimonial takes us to god. because god also is truth. beauty and truth. and a witness given in order to serve is thoroughly good. it makes us good persons.
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because god is goodness. he takes us to god. all is beautiful leads us to god. because god is good. god is beautiful. god is true. thank you all. those who have offered their witness and for the presence of all of you, that is also a great witness, a real witness that it's worth being a family. [ cheers and applause ]
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and society is strong, it's solid, if it's edified on beauty, goodness, and truth. once, a child asked me, you know that kids ask typical questions. he asked me, father, what did god do before creating the
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world? i assure you, i found real difficulty to answer the question. so i said what i'm now going to say to you. before creating the world, god loved. because god is love. and so much love, the father, son, and holy spirit, it was so overflow i
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overflowing, i don't think it's very logical that you'll understand, he was so big, it's so big, this love, that god could not be egoistic. it had to be poured out of him. so as to share that love with those out of himself, and then god created the world. god made this marvelous world in which we live. and sometimes we're a bit confused, we are destroying it. but the most beautiful thing that god did, says the bible,
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was the family. he created man and he created woman. and he gave them everything. he gave them the world. they could grow, multiply, cultivate the land, multiply and grow. all that love he made in creation, he gave it and shared it and bestowed it upon a family. let us go back further. all of the love god -- all of
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the love that god in hilmself, all the beauty he has in himself and truth, he gives it to the family and family is really family when it is able to open its arms and receive all that love. of course, of course, we're not quite earthly paradise. there are still problems. men and women through the
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astuteness of the devil have learned, unfortunately, how to divide themselves. and if that love that god gave almost was lost. in a little period of time, the first crime. the first instance of fr fratracide. a brother killed another brother and war. love the beauty and truth of god and destruction and war and between them we walk ahead.
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it's up to us to choose. it's up to us. to decide which path we want to take forward. let's go back. when man and his wife made mistakes, god did not abandon them. so great was his love. that he began to walk with humanity, with his people until
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the right moment came and he was made highest expression of love, his own son. and where did he send his son? to a palace? to a city? no. he sent him to a family. god sent him amid a family, in a family. [ applause ] and he could do this because it was a family that had a truly open heart. the doors of their heart opened.
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>> mary, she can believe it. how can this happen? so when they explained it to her, the angel explained it, she agreed. he finds himself in a surprising situation that he doesn't understand and he accepts. he obeys. and in obedience, the love of this woman, the love of this man, mary and joseph, there is a family in which jesus is born. god plans this so our hearts
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will be open. he likes to bring his love to open hearts. it comes out from him. you know what he likes most? to knock on the doors of families and to find families who love each other, families who bring up their children to grow and help them move forward, who create, two develop society, a truth, goodness, and beauty. we are celebrating the feast of
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the families. families have a citizenship which is divine. the identity card that they have is given to them by god. and that's within the heart of the family, truth, goodness, and beauty can truly grow. some of you might say, of course, father, you speak like that because you're not married.
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families have difficulties. families, we quarrel. and sometimes plates can fly. and children bring headaches. and i won't speak about mothers-in-law. but in families, there is always light. because the love of god, the son
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of god opens also that. but just as there are problems in families, we have to remember that there is the light of the resurrection afterwards. the son of god takes that path but i have to say that the family is light a factory of hope. it's a factory of resurrection. god opened this path, this possibility, and children, yet
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they bring their challenges. and we also are the cause of work and worry. sometimes at home i see some of my helpers come to work and they look tired and have a 1-month-old child, baby, and i ask them, did you sleep? and they say, i couldn't sleep, holiness, because they were crying all night. in the family, there are, indeed, difficulties. but those difficulties are
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overcome with love. hatred is not capable of dealing with any difficulty and overcoming any difficulty. division of hearts cannot overcome any difficulty. only love. only love is able to overcome. love is about celebration. love is joy. love is moving forward. i don't speak too much, but i
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would like just to offer two points about the family. to take special care with these two points. some things that we really do have to take care of the children and grandparents. >> children with a young or older, they are the future and strength that moves us forward. we put our hope in them.
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>> grandparents are the living memories of the family. they passed on the faith, they transmitted the faith to us. to look after grandparents, to look after children, an expression of love it promises a future that doesn't know how to look after their children and the people that knows not how to look after grandparents is the
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people that has no future. it doesn't have strength all the memory to go forward. family is beautiful but there's effort involved and there are problems. in families, there are animicable relationships. husbands and wives quarrel and it can end up badly, separated.d
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never let the day end without making peace. in a family, you can't finish the day off not being in peace. may god bless you. may god give you hope. let us look after the families. let us protect the families, because it's in the families that our future is at play. thank you! god bless you all and please pray for me. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right, you were listening to pope francis at the festival
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of families in philadelphia. a passionate speech. you didn't have to understand the language to know that he was genuine, that he believed in what he was saying, and from the translation, what we had, as the speech that was embargoed, he didn't use, is that correct? >> he used the first two lines. good evening, families. that's what he said, and the rest was off the cuff. you have just seen classic francis preach one of his homilies that he's so well noted for. it was an astounding homily that encompassed the entire thought of creation, the whole message of creation, simultaneous, off the cuff, passionate. it was really astounding. >> and how he tied in the issue of families to the beginning of creation. >> yeah. >> god gives the creation to the family. now, remember this, too. this is the end of his entire week and the most energetic -- this is going to be talked about across the media tomorrow,
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tonight, that he summoned all of this energy, because he was there with the people. as we were talking earlier. >> he feeds off of the people. he gets energy from the crowd, it's clear. bill, what was your take on that? >> well, i love that he's not pollyannish. i mean, he talks about god is love, and god is the centerpieces of family, but he talks about the enimicable relationship between men and women, about the strains within the family. and notice he invoked the name of the devil. he does this all the time, more than any pope i've ever seen. the pope says thereat devil is the one who creates the problems in the family, creates challenges between men and women. i don't think that should be lost. i've never seen a pope in my lifetime who invokes the name of the devil. and he always comes out, like gee u.s. ajesus and the resurre talks about darkness, but at the end of the day, he talks about light and that we can defeat the
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darkness. >> and he talks about jesus was born into the family. and there is always light, light and resurrection after whatever dissension the devil brings. >> he encapsulated in this homily, which was maybe 20 minutes, this talk, the entire story of creation. the history of the world, the creation of the world, sin, the devil, the incarnation, which is the family, and resurrection from the dead and wrapped it all in the family, which he called the factory of hope. this is an incredibincredible. >> and i also loved how he talked about grandparents, how the fact that grandparents and children are so important, but it is the grandparents who have passed on the faith to us. >> and this is also consistent what he talks about, the catholic church's teaching on subsidia subsidiary. we don't want the welfare state to be the first resort. in other words, who's in between the children and the grandparents. they have a duty to their children as parents and don't
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forget the elderly at the err end of the spectrum. >> you're listening to "justice with judge janine" and we are coming back with bill donohue and father sariko on the pope visit to philadelphia. stay with us.
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we're live in philadelphia now with andrea bocelli now singing at the festival of families after pope francis had issued his remarks. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea bocelli singing "our
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father." the pope's trip is nearly over. laura engle is live in philadelphia, benjamin franklin parkway with more on his visit there. laura? >> reporter: hello, judge. well, if that doesn't fill your heart with love and hope, i'm not sure what will. what an amazing evening this has been and of course, the pope just finishing his remarks filled with compassion, humor, and humility tonight. enthralling the crowd, making them laugh many times, but really, deeply touching them. you can feel it. it's a tangible feeling being here in philadelphia and seeing the looks on the faces of the pilgrims who are here, who have traveled for so long and so far to be here, a part of this moment. the pope on the tail end of his very busy day here in the city of brotherly love, and we've had symptom great video to show you some of the things that we have witnessed here firsthand. he has seen and done a lot since he touched down for this
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historic visit this morning, holding mass, speaking at independence mall. he has spoken of religious freedoms, immigration, and the headlining reason why he is here, what we're experiencing now, the importance of family, the festival of families, which is going on as we speak, along with the world meeting of families, a conference for more than 18,000 people. he is going to have a very busy evening getting back to the seminary, where he will spend the night and it's up early again tomorrow where he will go and visit prisoners. he will make a few more stops and his biggest event of it all is the open air mass that will take place on this stage, here behind us. he will be back right here, but for an even larger crowd. it's hard to imagine, we're at over 500,000 in the parkway now. an estimated 1.5 million people for the open air mass tomorrow, which of course you will see here on fox. security will be tight. the city remains around
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lockdown. over 250 bomb technicians, 155 bomb-sniffing dogs -- >> all right, laura, it seems the pope is about to speak again. >> translator: we will now receive the blessing. and we'll see each other again tomorrow at mass. what time is mass tomorrow? at 4:00. before the final blessing, let's pray a prayer, mary, and also an
1:44 am
invocati invocation so that they can protect our familyies and they can help us to believe that it's worth the struggle and the fight for the good of the family. hail mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee, and blessed is the fruit of thigh womb, holy mary, mother of god, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, amen. and pray for us.
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pray for us. amen. >> thank you and see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] >> pope francis leads the final blessing in the prayers to mary. what an incredible evening. >> it's really astounding. we've just seen, at the end of this trip, an energetic pope. >> but the passion and the communication skills and the, you know, as laura engle was just saying, it was palpable there. we could feel -- we were praying here, you know, in the studio here with him. blessing ourselves, as he blessed some. >> we didn't even have the sense he was speaking in a second language. >> you heard it. you felt it. >> bill? >> one thing that struck me
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about it, you listen to the way he talks about the family in such a unifying way. and you contrast to the pettiness of the conversation on the family in this country, it's always about the rights of straight people and gay people, it's never about the duty of people to each other. we're so hung up on rights in this country. that's not part of his lexicon. he talks about responsibilities that we have toward each other, and that's what's brings people together. not this self-absorption that people are walking around saying, i've got my rights, you need to respect them. i'm so tired of it. it's so refreshing to hear him speak. >> and what he does confront, very honestly, as he did tonight, the struggle, the difficulty. it's not all easily. it's not just because he want to do this because it makes us feel good. this is a vocation. this is a struggle. a kid waking up in the middle of the night and making you tired the rest of the day. >> and the reminder of the importance of the generation. taking care of the children in the middle of the night and your
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parents who will pass the religion on to us. >> a family who doesn't know how to look at their children has no future and no memory. >> and you know what i thought was also very interesting? the i.d. card that families have been given by god. >> the identity card. it's a play on the whole issue of immigration and identity cards, but also, the whole question of the identification or the definition of the family. he's speaking spontaneous. i don't know if he put that in there intentionally, but it stood out to me. >> i get the sense that nothing comes out of his mouth that isn't intentional. >> for all his simplicity -- >> he's brilliant! >> a very complex jesuit. and we all know the jesuits. but, bill, what did you think of that whole evening and the number of people there and the fact that america is just, you know, blown away by this pope? >> he doesn't speak in the divisive language that we're so used to with the pundits in this
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country. >> but he can speak about issues that we may not agree on, and we are with him! >> exactly. >> yes. >> there's nothing divisive about his language or about what he wants to do. and that's why people can resonate to him, of all ethnicities and races. and i would say this transcends the catholic communities. obviously, this is a special day for catholics, but you don't have to be catholic to love this pope. and that's something i'm getting from a lot of my friends who are not catholics. >> and you know what's interesting, we see celebrities like jon stewart, oprah winfrey, they're talking about their love for the pope. they're not necessarily on the pope's side of things. >> now, if you can only get the atheist george will to be as kind -- >> oh, but tonight is all about love. in his honor, there is so much that we have to be grateful for. and for him -- for his eminence to take the time and to have the schedule that he's had, because he has a mission. he's going to be 79 in december. this is a gift from god. i meant
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to catholic schools, but it is beyond the catholics. >> and his holiness, i think the reason he is such a unifying force, as you're pointing out, is that he doesn't come at things through the political lens. he comes at it through the lens of the dignity of the human person and through a theology of love. you know, the theme that animated his whole homily tonight was goodness, truth, and beauty. which is the classic categories of virtue that you find in aristotle and he just built this whole panoramic vision of what the world could look like through the lens of the family. >> but he started as a parish priest. >> yes. let's see, he was in a parish. >> and everything that he speaks of is so sophisticated. it is so, not just passionate is what you would expect, but he's
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a theologian. >> a brilliant theologian. i was in buenos aires a year ago, and i just stopped in a jewelry store, because begins t this whole story about being a friend of father bugolio, the pope. and he showed me pictures in the store. he said this man has been so wonderful, and he made this chalis in honor of the pope. if i was able to spontaneously bump into a person in buenos aires, you know the kind of houses that he's been in. >> and his whole visit here has been a positive one. i think a lot of people fear that, you know, climate change, issues that we're not that -- we don't consider religious, but he has managed, i think, to get all of us to get on his side. >> he's trying to --
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>> we're going to be right back with much more on the pope's visit. we're going to go to a break right now. we'll come back to that, bill. oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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up this evening on the festival of the families in philadelphia. the pope has left there. he is apparently on his way to the seminary, after an intense day, very emotional day for many, not only catholics, but for many americans, for many around the world. historic fourth day of leader of the catholic church. and father, what are your final thoughts on this? >> i'm still taken by this spontaneous homily. no notes. we threw out the embargo -- >> the speech was not the speech. >> this whole thing was very well crafted, from mark wahlberg, who is one of hollywood's great earth stars, to bocelli, his mother was recommended to have an abortion because of an appendix problem during pregnancy, and she
1:56 am
didn't. >> he sang "our father" beautifully. bill donohue? >> i want to punctuate what he said earlier about religious liberty. everywhere he goes, he talks about religious liberty. we're not going to be confined to the rosary in our church. catholics need to meddle in politics, he wants it to be very public expression of religion. >> ending a day in philadelphia. it goes on tomorrow. tomorrow there will be a visit to a prison, as well as mass expected 1.5 million people in philadelphia. a very special day at the festival of families in philadelphia. thanks for being with
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